La Huerta de Mamá María · Tenerife · Canary Islands, the largest SOURSOP Plantation in Europe.

SOURSOP leaves in Huerta de Mama Maria are harvested by hand directly from the tree, selecting the most optimal and mature as SUPER PREMIUM Soursop leaves quality. After being washed several times with desalinated drinking water, the SOURSOP leaves pass a train drying, at a specific temperature and humidity during all process that makes our SOURSOP leaves are of the best quality there are in the world, thus preserving intact its active ingredients, structure, color and natural aroma.

Upon completion of the drying process each Soursop Leaves are reviewed one by one and packed by hand in kraft paper bags, as is said, package contains a window in which you can appreciate the extreme quality of the leaves and each bag has its numbered ecological certification that guarantee that our SOURSOP leaves are 100% organic.

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