NEW MORINGA CROPS with 65.000 Moringa Trees

MORINGA LEAVES, 100% Organic from Canary Islands

Quality: Super Premium

Crops: 100% Organic with certified control numbered label.

Origin: Huerta de Mamá María · Guimar · Tenerife · Canary Islands. Spain.

Moringa de Canarias 

MORINGA Leaves Organic from Canary Islands.

SUPER PREMIUM NONI leaves quality, hand-selected tree, one by one, washed and dried in oven for 24 hours in humidity and temperature requires with rigorous quality control and manual packing by our professionals.

100% organic certified eco-label each package with control number

Huerta Mama Maria certifications:

European Organic certification (ES-ECO-014-IC)
Organic Producer: Certificate 2803P (ICCA)
Organic Packer: Certificate 3069E (ICCA)
Health Registration: 21.026521TF

65.000 New Moringa Trees in production.

MORINGA leaves in Huerta de Mama Maria are harvested by hand directly from the tree, selecting the most optimal and mature as SUPER PREMIUM Moringa leaves quality. After being washed several times with desalinated drinking water, the MORINGA leaves pass a train drying, at a specific temperature and humidity during all process that makes our SOURSOP leaves are of the best quality there are in the world, thus preserving intact its active ingredients, structure, color and natural aroma.

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